Gasification of Non-Reyclable Plastics

Pilot scale testing of a commercial waste-gasification-to-biofuels technology to determine the impact of non-recyclable plastics on performance, biofuel production, and emissions.

Wet Waste Gasification

Experimental optimization of wet waste gasifier prototype that converts agricultural waste into energy.  Gasifier handles waste with up to 80% moisture content.

Non-Recyclable Plastics Pyrolysis

Due diligence and emissions testing of pilot-scale commercial pyrolysis technologies for non-recyclable plastics.

Reuse in New York City

Collaboration with the Department of Sanitation of New York to quantify and characterize the state of the reuse sector in New York City.  Data analysis and modeling applied to enhance reuse and bring NYC closer to zero waste to landfill by 2030.

Performance of Oils from Non-Recyclable Plastics Pyrolysis in Turbine Applications

Comparison of plastics pyrolysis oils to traditional transport fuels in turbine and combustion engine applications.

Role of Plastics in Decoupling of MSW Generation and Economic Growth in the US

Analysis of plastics generation and disposition data in the US compared to national economic growth.  Investigate the role of plastics material substitution and lightweighting in the decoupling effect between US MSW generation and economic growth.

Beneficial Ash Reuse from Waste Thermal Treatment Technologies

Environmental analytics (i.e. leachability tests) and applied experimental testing to determine beneficial applications for ash reuse.

Metals Recovery from Waste-to-Energy Ash

Experimental investigation of processes to extract valuable metals from waste-to-energy ash for recycle back into the wholesale metals market.


Determining Accurate Heating Value of Non-Recycled Plastics

Impact of Refuse Derived Fuel on Cement Kiln Emissions

Analysis of Cleergas Gasification Technology