Publication of a Technical Report on MSW statistics

We are pleased to announce the publication of a scientific article, the outcome of a collaboration between the Earth Engineering Center, Department of Chemical Engineering at The City College of New York, USA (Demetra Tsiamis & Marco J. Castaldi), and the Dipartimento Di Energetica at Politecnico Di Milano, Italy (Fabio Poretti & Stefano Consonni).

This technical report, titled “A Quantitative Analysis of the US Materials Flow Methodology and Comparison to the EU Methodology for MSW Statistics”, is now accessible through open access via the following link: Read the Article

Published in the “Waste Disposal & Sustainable Energy” journal, this article conducts a meticulous quantitative analysis of the US materials flow methodology. It presents a comprehensive comparative study with the EU methodology concerning Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) statistics.