2018 EEC|WTERT Bi-Annual Conference


Sustainable Waste Management: The Forefront of Innovation

October 4th & 5th, 2018

The City College of New York

Hosted by EEC|CCNY

P: (212) 650-6679    F: (212) 650-7900


This past October 4th & 5th, 2018, The Earth Engineering Center at City College (EEC|CCNY) hosted a very successful EEC/WTERT 2018 Conference.  The conference included speakers from around the world collectively representing the global perspective on best waste management practices.  The conference started with a welcome from Dr. Vincent Boudreau, the President of The City College of New York, followed by Dr. Rosemarie Wesson, the Associate Dean for Research at the Grove School of Engineering, and Prof. Marco J Castaldi, the Chair of the Conference and Director of WTERT-USA.

Plenary lectures were given by Kathryn Garcia, the Commissioner of the Department of Sanitation of New York, Cristina Garcia a Policy Advisor of NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, Henrietta Goddard a Research Analyst with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Paul Davison of Proteus Communications Group, UK.  The Plenary session set the stage for holistic thinking regarding sustainable waste management and how to deliver the right messages regarding waste generation, recycling, material and energy recovery.  The remainder of conference had presentations and discussions on technical aspects and processes, perspectives from local municipalities, industry, students and regulatory personnel.

There were a total of 120 attendees representing 12 countries across five continents (Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Korea, Sudan, UK and US).

The takeaway message from the conference was that the circular economy is coming.  Good engineering will get us there, but until then we will need to strengthen collaboration efforts to manage the growing waste streams properly.


Please follow the links below to access the conference documents available for download. Due to confidentiality, pre-publication restrictions and possible patent issues, some presentations cannot be made available for download. The attendees therefore were exposed to some information that was only presented at the conference making their attendance and participation well worth their time. We hope to see you at the next conference!


2018 EEC.WTERT Conference Program

Session 1

Marco J. Castaldi – Welcome Address

Cristina Garcia – Transforming New York City’s Buildings for a Low-Carbon Future

Henrietta Goddard – Circular Economy 101

Kathryn Garcia – Zero Waste: Three Years Later

DSNY Award – Advancing Sustainable Waste Management for Over a Century

Paul Davison – Gaining Public Support for EfW and Other Waste Management Technologies and Initiatives

Session 2

Mallory Szczepanski – Building the Future of Waste and Recycling

Demetra Tsiamis – Waste Management Statistics and Methodologies in the United States and the European Union

Craig Cookson – Creating a Circular Economy for Post-Use Plastics

Hillary Brown – An Infrastructural Commons: Sustainable Waste Management & Multiple-Use Facilities

Session 3

Dereth Glance – Trash to Treasure; Climate & Community Benefits From Sustainable Resource Recovery in Upstate NY

Carlo Vandecasteele – Cocombustion of Calorific Solid Waste and Sludge in a Fluidised Bed; Flanders as a Model for New York

Christophe Cord’Homme – Automation Revolution for Municipal Waste Treatment Facilities

Marco Baratieri – A Case Study of Gasification CHP in Northern Italy in the European Context and Comparison to Traditional Combustion Systems

Session 4

Steve Simmons – Energy Recovery in Resource Recovery Parks

Alex Godoy – Chilean Perspective on Waste Management and Recent Actions Taken

Jean-Michel Lavoie – Opportunities for the Utilization of Forest Residues Combined with PtX in Quebec and in Canada

Marco J. Castaldi – EEC|CCNY Activities

Session 6

Nickolas Themelis – A Brief Introduction to the Global WtERT Council (GWC)

A.C. Thanos Bourtsalas – WtERT-Columbia Research Activities

Bruce Howie – The State of WTE in North America

Session 7

Maria Loizidou – Movement Towards Circular Economy and E.U. Waste Management Regulation

Enrique Posada – The Need for Sustainable Waste Management in Colombia

Stergios Vakalis – Applications of the 3T Method as an Efficiency Assessment Tool for Waste-to-Energy Facilities and Numerical Comparisons with the R1 Formula