WTERT International Colleagues Participate in EEC|CCNY’s First Seminar Series on Waste Sustainability

EEC|CCNY offered its first seminar series on waste sustainability at City College of New York this past spring semester. The seminar series, led by Assoc. Director Demetra Tsiamis, featured guest lecturers from around the world in industry, academia, and government to discuss waste management methods, technologies, policies, and behaviors that effectively advance waste sustainability. Guest lecturers included the Deputy Commissioner of Recycling of the Department of Sanitation of New York City (DSNY), the former Deputy Commissioner of the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP), the Chief of Sustainable Materials Management of the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), Ramboll, as well as our colleagues from the WTERT: Professor Nickolas Themelis and Dr. Thanos Bourtsalas of WTERT-US at Columbia University and Professor Stefano Consonni of Politecnico di Milano and WTERT-Italy, MatER.

EEC|CCNY Report on Impact of Non-Recyclable Plastics on the Enerkem Gasification-to-Biofuels Process is Published by the American Chemistry Council

EEC|CCNY’s study on the impact of non-recyclable plastics (NRP) on the Enerkem gasification process was published by the American Chemistry Council (ACC). This study was a collaboration with the City of Edmonton and Enerkem and sponsored by the ACC. The purpose of this pilot study, led by Assoc. Director Tsiamis, was to understand how NRP impacted methanol production and performance in the Enerkem gasification-to-biofuel process.

To see the full report, please click here.
To see the educational video on this study produced by ACC, please click here.

Romina Gamarra is a GENIUS Olympiad Finalist

Romina Gamarra, a student from Ossining High School, has been selected as a finalist for the 2018 GENIUS Olympiad. She will be presenting her project titled “Improving the Efficiency of Plastic Waste Fuel Mixture with Kerosene” at the upcoming event on June 11-16, 2018 at SUNY Oswego. Romina is grateful to Dr. Marco Castaldi and Ms. Grace Correa for their assistance in completing her project. Congratulations, Romina!

Romina Gamarra Wins the Ricoh Sustainable Development Award and Places 4th in WESEF 2018 Competition

Ossining High School student Romina Gamarra placed 4th out of 560 participants in the Environmental Science category of this year’s Westchester Science and Engineering Fair (WESEF). Romina was also awarded the Ricoh Sustainable Development Award for “outstanding efforts in addressing issues of environmental responsibility and sustainable development”. Keep up the good work, Romina!

EEC|CCNY featured on CUNY TV’s “Study with the Best”

EEC|CCNY was featured on Study with the Best, a CUNY TV show that focuses on the best and brightest professors, alumni, and programs that CUNY has to offer students. Dr. Marco Castaldi and Assoc. Director Demetra Tsiamis discussed the current research activities and education initiatives of EEC|CCNY regarding waste sustainability in New York City. You can access the video here.

Dr. Castaldi discusses Fulbright Global Fellowship Appointment with CUNY Radio

Prof. Castaldi was interviewed by CUNY Radio about his Fulbright Global Fellowship appointment conducting research on thermal conversion for sustainable waste management.  He discusses how the Fulbright Fellowship is strengthening and leveraging collaborations with his European collaborators to continue progress.  Please listen to the short podcast for more information.

Golden Renewable Energy raises capital forging alliance with EEC|CCNY

EEC|CCNY has been working with Golden Renewable Energy (GRE) for over two years developing performance models and technical due diligences.  GRE is one of the few continuous feed pyrolysis systems that has produced a heating oil that is sold into the residential heating market.  EEC|CCNY is happy to hear and congratulations the GRE team for their latest effort.  Please click here for more information on the latest development from GRE.